Some Old-style Gaming



In the past week and a bit, the boys and I have jumped back into the realm of non-electronic gaming – we do that periodically….the last major rage for us was exploring the board game world of Settlers of Catan.

This time around we are having a go with card games again. And all new to us.
Stephen was visiting with some of his friends, and that’s where he was introduced to the fast-paced, exciting world of Dutch Blitz  which involves colour coordination and number sequences and getting rid of one’s cards first. And apparently it’s a game that’s been around for a while. Anyway, it has popped into our lives, and we are having a blast with it!
And while we’re at it, we have also been trying out Timeline – a slower-paced card game and requiring more thinking and remembering – and ANOMIA – where there are face-offs and accompanying bursts of yelling out answers happening. Hahahaha!

Just decided to pass along a recommendation for some card-playing fun ideas, in case you are in a position to look for something new to try out this summer with your families and friends.


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