A Friendly Encounter

IMG_4252 (2)


Ticklish on my hand,

Orange, black, and beige design;

Set it free outside.



Such an eye-catching pattern!

I was in the midst of cleaning a cottage on Sunday morning, when I noticed this pretty little one by the door, but on the inside.

I was able to pick it up gently and I hoped it would stay calm, until I could get the door open and let it fly free again.  It was most cooperative….even letting me take some pictures of it.  Its gentle little feet tickled my skin, as it moved along the back of my hand.

Then I opened the back door and stepped outside with my winged “passenger.”  It didn’t take off right away, so I lifted my hand a little higher, and then it took flight.  I watched it go for as long as I could see it.  Lots of little swoops in its flight towards the trees across the field.

Just now I looked through some moth identification sites, and it seems to be called simply an Orange Moth….although its cousin just might be the Scarlet Tiger Moth….a few similarities in both patterns.

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