Cloud Watching…and Imagining



Gazing at the sky,

Shifting shapes of white on blue;

Two graceful stingrays.



Yep! Clouds were catching my attention again!

Early this afternoon, looking westerly….

They don’t have those usual distinct rounded edges of the cumulus kind but have rather “blurried” sides…..or wings?

These have me thinking of two stingrays gliding ever so gracefully in the deep blue. More their winged sides, as these are without tails. Well yeah, I have a soft spot for stingrays – perhaps enhanced from our family trip to Sea World 19 years ago, where we touched a dolphin in the dolphin tank, as well as touched some stingrays in the stingray pool…..such amazing sensory experiences!


4 thoughts on “Cloud Watching…and Imagining

    1. Hi Veena! I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s such fun to share such imaginings and fanciful thoughts with others who love to look at things in new ways. Thank you for visiting and for your enthusiastic words. 🙂

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