A Quick Click!

IMG_5844 (2)


I glance to my right.

A sunglasses’ reflection!

CLICK!  Gotta be quick!




I LOVE taking pictures!!

Can you tell??


Yes, as you have noticed, just about EVERY one of my posts has photos in it.  It just has to be like that.  The world is a never-ending fascinating place with all kinds of nifty, fun, cool, interesting things in it.  And so, it’s just incredibly fun to share some of those discoveries with others.

The background story to this photo is that I had been asked by a friend to come and take photos of her daughter for her grade 12 graduation.  A lot of students and their families showed up at the park, and naturally, a lot of people were taking pictures.  Even my friend had her phone busy with taking shots.  I had come with my DSLR camera.

So, at one point, while we waited a bit as her daughter was getting ready with some of her school chums to pose for a group photo, I happened to look around and at other things and people, and I noticed my friend holding her phone and ready to take the photo once the girls were ready.   She was also hanging onto her sunglasses at the same time, and they are the reflective lenses kind.  I saw myself in the reflection.  And no sooner did I see that, than my camera was up to my face, and I snapped a few (I ALWAYS take more than one, because I have learned that it takes many in order to find the best one – haha!).

It all happened so fast!  And it’s fun to be so spontaneous!

My friend didn’t even realize I had taken that shot, until I showed her the photo much later.

Then she laughed.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Click!

  1. How fun! I love taking pics too but I don’t find its my passion. I rarely make time for it. Although when I do., I’m happy I did. It sounds like this is either a hobby or profession for u.

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    1. Thanks for looking at my post, Deecee, and your upbeat comment! 🙂 I enjoyed reading it. It’s been a lifelong passion for me, and only recently (in the past couple of years) have I had actual photography jobs.

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