Look who was hanging out in the basement…



Silent on eight legs,

So quick – highly skilled hunter!

A master wrapper.




Here is a somewhat intimidating 8-legged crawler – eek! This one was the length of my INDEX finger!!

She seemed to be quite content in our basement.  Judging by her healthy size, I’d say that the pickings down there weren’t all that slim.

My youngest son managed to scoop her into our pseudo bug and crawly critter container. He brought her upstairs for us all to see, before she was given a new home OUTSIDE our house. But then my oldest son and I were too curious not to have a closer look at her.  So we just opened up the flap to have a better look at the detailed markings on this beauty.

She just stood there; not at all perturbed.  And she let us admire her.

We’re thinking a garden spider or fishing spider…..going by the online identification guides.

Harmless to humans.  Certainly most efficient in her bug controlling purpose in life.

I wonder what she will think of the outdoors….


Another view of our silk-spinning friend.


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