From inside a car….and….inside a car wash!




So, the consequence of driving on all those gravel and dirt back roads, which I alluded to in my previous post, when it is raining and after it has rained is that my car “wears” a lot of the resulting upsplash.  There is no doubt as to where she and I have been.

Now, after I was done my work in the early afternoon this past Saturday, then I had an approximately 5-hour, southwesterly drive (yes, five hours! 🙂 ) ahead of me to get to the small hamlet of Utopia – to catch the tail end of the birthday party celebrations for my father-in-law and mother-in-law (80th and 75th, respectively).

The whole drive down I kept a sharp eye open for a car wash in order to make my little blue car look presentable again before we rolled up to the community hall later.  But for some reason, the only one I could find – outside of the non-operational or closed ones – was at a gas station only a mere 10 minutes from my destination – ha!

Ah well.  I was glad to find one.  And a touchless one at that.  So, during the relaxing part of the washing and rinsing process, I decided to take photos with a different perspective…..from the inside and further inside….looking out.

Because…..well, it’s just SO COOL to watch the water spraying and the soap bubbles and the patterns made by the squirting and splooshing – hahaha! Yep, I’m ALWAYS a kid inside a car wash!!

Here come the soap suds….





And then the just-as-lengthy rinse cycles…..those undulating water patterns….




……as the squirting arm keeps going along and then turns….that rectangular rotation….







…..such unusual water shapes and designs….




And then it’s all done!





Seeing the before and then the after, it always feels a little bit magical.




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