Shimmery Green

IMG_1650 (2)


Crawling on the ground,

Luminescent green beetle;

Take a closer look!



Here’s an unusual looking beetle bug – such a luminescent green colour!

I thought such colourful bugs always seem to live in more tropical climates…..rather than here in southeastern Ontario, Canada.
Found this bug crawling along one of the flower beds that I was working on – hoeing, weeding, and then sowing Lavatera seeds.

I was so enthralled with this cool little, shimmery bug and I wanted to get some photos of it – perhaps to also get some identification assistance?? – With the use of an empty white bucket (having removed the accumulated weeds from inside), I was able to get some photos without it running away on me.

A friend later on told me the name of this bug – Six Spotted Tiger Beetle – and said it was a gorgeous specimen.  He also added that this bug has a “Global Range: It occurs across the entire eastern half of the United States with the exception of the deep south and Florida panhandle and extends into southeastern Canada. It is naturally occurring = not imported.”


I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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