Hello, Pretty Lady!

IMG_2061 (2)


Outside my bedroom

Window, I hear trills and chirps

Good morning, she says!



This pretty lady sang in the branches of our huge lilac tree outside our bedroom window on Friday morning, welcoming me back from our trip perhaps…..??

Such a sweetie.
Who might she be?
As the lilac is criss-crossing in branches, I didn’t get the clearest sight to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed her song and her presence!

Note:  A couple of friends have since told me that she’s a grey cat bird and has great mimicking skills. If she mimics as well as she sings, I am intrigued! I will do some research on her.

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a grey cat bird, and I used to occupy myself with regular bird-watching years ago.  Always another first, right?

This second photo shows her a bit more….




3 thoughts on “Hello, Pretty Lady!

    1. Hahaha! Yay! Another Princess Bride fan! I only realized after I read your comment….and wondered momentarily, why André? And then it came to me; he DOES say that in the movie. 🙂 And I had posted on facebook that I recently watched the movie again on TV. My husband had turned the TV on and started watching, and when I realized what the movie was – the parts where Wesley keeps saying “As You Wish” to Buttercup, I just had to pause whatever I was doing and allow myself that always fun “re-visit” to that wonderful movie! It had been a while since I’d seen it last. Classic fun!


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