Make a Costume, Have some Fun!

Me with the DeLorean at the Con; May 14, 2016


Become someone else

In a world of fantasy,

And travel in time.




For Saturday I was invited to join the local Pathfinder group (Girl Guides) on their special trip to the Con – ie. Comic Con – which was taking place in Ottawa.  The leaders and girls got dressed up, and I did, too.   I gathered various specific clothing items (including borrowing one of my daughter’s costume wigs) in order to become a character from a Disney animated series that was a big favourite of my kids and I when they were younger. Can you guess my character?



The lady in the hat – my friend, Christy – had assembled her costume design in the spirit of Steampunk, and her daughter, Katey (with the blue hair), was a character from an animé series.



There were definitely lots of people at the Con with so many dressed in costumes – it seemed as if every fourth person was dressed up – from simpler outfits to ultra awesomely detailed costumes.  There were people dressed up as characters from Star Wars, Dr. Who, Super Heroes, Star Trek, and animé.  In addition, there were guest appearances in designated rooms, along with a myriad of workshops offered on a variety of topics, as well as browsing through the hall of vendors and the artists’ area.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the costumes, AND another highlight for me was to be introduced to the world of Steampunk, which is so cool!   And where the imagination knows no bounds, as people get incredibly creative, for example, blending the worlds of the Victorian era with futuristic science.

At one point, one of the girls, Katey, and I went roaming for a while.  We explored some of the vendors’ booths – the t-shirts, the origami one, the animé ones, and others.  When we came to this Back to the Future spot, the lure of the DeLorean was too strong for me to resist. I just had to go for a “spin!”

With hover board and hanging onto the car – great fun!


IMG_9483 (2)


Note:  Of the two DeLorean photos, the one at the top was taken by the photographer who was running this Back to the Future booth….and the bottom one was taken by Katey.


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