Winding Road



Curving left and right

The road beckons; trees lean in

To guide the way there.



The allure of the forested winding roads; I can’t resist!

Even though on this early spring day I was driving to a friend’s house for a visit, as I drive I lose myself in the hypnotic rhythm of trees passing by on both sides of me.

Sometimes the road seems wider and more open and the trees smaller.  And then at other stretches and curves, the trees look taller and closer and reach across the sky to meet “hands” with those on the other side.

I relish the quiet embrace of these ever watchful tree sentinels.




7 thoughts on “Winding Road

    1. Thank you, Rose. Often I pick a photo (or photos) and then the haiku will spring forth in my mind as the “other half” to what I’m writing. Photo and haiku are becoming best buddies I have noticed. Hahaha!

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