Exploration in Fermentation



Chopping and grating,

Cabbage, radish, and spices –

For making Kimchi !!



Remember when I posted about the sauerkraut-making workshop back in the fall?

Well, two evenings ago was the next workshop in the series – still focusing on fermented foods – and it featured the making of kimchi. Primarily known with Korean cuisine these days, but it originated in China.

There are more ingredients that go into a kimchi recipe; everything gets grated and chopped up, and with the addition of dried or fresh peppers and fresh daikon radish, the end result is a somewhat spicier food.

The fermentation process is similar to sauerkraut…..letting it sit for a number of days where it can then also produce those beneficial bacteria.


Once again we had a keen group of about 25 participants, and in teams of four, we busily chopped and mixed and hand-mashed our way through a fine sampling of kimchi. Everyone gets a share to bring home to take it through the next steps.


Both of these workshops were so well received that there was talk about what would be covered at the next one – KOMBUCHA !! Moving into fermented drinks. Sweet!

And here’s a photo of my finished jar…



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