The Humble Tissue



Sinus congestion,

Sometimes runny or plugged up;

Blowing!  Ahhhh……relief.



You blow your nose.
Get rid of a ton of sinus and nose congestion.
Figure you’ve cleared up a huge amount.
Breathe freely for a bit.
Not too long later, you need to blow your nose…..again!
And then another huge load of STUFF comes out of your nose – one, two, sometimes three tissues.
Tell me…..
It feels like miles and miles of it coming out…..and then there’s miles and miles of it more!
And your head is only SO big.
I just shake my head……
….and grab another tissue.


Pretty box though, isn’t it?




7 thoughts on “The Humble Tissue

    1. Ohhh, dear. I sympathize with you having to endure chronic sinus problems. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this feeling, but on the worse days, I wish I could just nicely unhinge my nose from my face and put it into the freezer for a while…..I don’t know why. It just seems perhaps the ice cold would clear things up? Although it’s the spicy foods that help temporarily clear up clogged sinuses.

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