One of life’s little surprises…

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of unlocking a door, stepping inside the house……and hearing the unmistakeable beeping of an activated alarm!!
And then within five seconds, yes, that alarm goes off – Weeoo! Weeoo! Weeoo!
That was my adventure this morning, when I went to do a cleaning at a client’s home. I have been going there regularly for close to two years, and this would be the first time the alarm was activated.

Yeah, well…..communication gap was the reason. One person knew I was coming, but the other one didn’t….hahaha!…..and so the latter set the alarm and then headed out for work.

As the alarm was sounding, I locked the door again, carried all my supplies back to the car, and waited…… preparation for the twenty police cruisers that would be showing up in 2 minutes. You know, like in the cartoons.

No police cruisers came. And eventually the alarm shut off.
I calmly sat in my car and called up my clients in order to figure out the next steps. And yes, I got to do my cleaning after all.

Check that off my bucket list!
And it wasn’t even on it! Hahaha!

I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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