Anger Inside

Yeah….who am I kidding?

I’m still mad at you.

I was so looking forward to the fun!

The energy, the sharing, the teamwork.

When we’re both on….it seems to flow.

And if one of us isn’t, it’s rough.

Earlier on it was you, for whatever reason.

Over time, as we worked out the wrinkles,

Our system improved.  The teamwork evolved.

A little more giving and sharing and helping.

With you, somehow, my confidence is shaky.

But I always keep trying.  How else will I get better?

And our teamwork seemed to flow more and more.

An important time was coming up….to me anyway.

Because of the people who would be there.

I practiced and worked at it.  I had high hopes.

This time, though, a few things intruded into our circle,

And then it seemed as if I was going to fall apart.

I wasn’t scared.  I felt disappointed.

And somehow I managed to hold it together.

People were appreciative and sounded happy.

That helped a bit.

But later on….I was trembling, which surprised me.

And then I realized it was a flood of anger welling over me.

I tried to put it into perspective….thinking my quick temper

Would dissipate, as it usually does.

But no….it’s still there.

Every time I think about it.

God, you drive me crazy!



Note:  I wrote this poem on Dec. 12, 2011….at a time when I had a friend, who meant a lot to me, and who managed to re-ignite my up-till-then-gone-into-hiding poetry writing energies.  🙂





11 thoughts on “Anger Inside

    1. You’re most welcome, Joyce! 🙂 I am flattered that you reblogged this post, and I will go look on your page for it. And your comment had me thinking…. it’s interesting how something I thought was my own personal experience would still find resonance with someone else.

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  1. well, as a more or less innocent bystander… I can feel it myself. WTH? Actually, sometimes the feelings of others DOES resonate, even in virtual connections like blogging. That has always fascinated me. [yes I do have pressing business of my own to keep me busy, but that never stops me.]

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    1. Hi Gradmama! 🙂 Nice to meet you! And thank you for adding your thoughts here. Well, I think that feelings can resonate with others….doesn’t matter if they’re there in person or far away and reading the words. The words can still convey the emotion. And if it’s an example of an emotion we have all had experiences with ourselves…..there is that resonance. Sometimes the resonance is there just via compassion for another.


      1. Perhaps several things? In writing our thoughts and feelings, we share something of ourselves that invokes some kind of reaction in the reader. Certainly some concentration is required. Yes, I think it’s communication that drives those interconnections, and it can be the written word or evocative images or visuals (that touch our hearts in some way)….and also music communicates in yet another way and creates interconnectedness.


      2. I agree. Even the simplest written (or printed) comment imparts something of the writer. Also there is the content of their writing, too…I write a lot of poetry, and read others’ poems, and a lot can be learned that way. 🙂

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