The Ceiling Tiles Hijinks!

Yesterday was my visit to my senior friend, Leah, again.
It was going to be a team effort between her and myself in taking down all of her kitchen ceiling tiles – those older kind made of somewhat opaque plastic – she didn’t feel comfortable being up on her two-step ladder and stretching upwards to negotiate getting the tiles down, but she was quite keen to do the soaping of the tiles and drying, then for me to replace them again.
It seemed like a great plan!
Ever since I started going to see her in the fall, she’d been telling me of her dislike for the dirty state those tiles were in and that she was waiting for a carpenter friend whom she had commissioned to replace those old ceiling tiles with a new pot lighting system. Except the fellow was involved in a big home repair project and then seemed to be embroiled in another project, so even though he said he’d take care of her project, he’d say that he would come and then he’d cancel.
So, she patiently put up with those dirty ceiling tiles for months, until finally she asked me if I was game to help her with cleaning them.
You betcha!
She still plans on having the new pot lighting system put in, but for now the tiles will have to do….



In the first two pics you can see the dirt….and those weren’t the dirtiest. In the last photo are the cleaned ones.


So Leah and I had a good flow in our cleaning routine….and we’d chat a bit and laugh and tease. Great fun!
On the third ceiling tile in the bunch, she burst out with an exclamation of minor dismay at having put a crack into the tile. I told her it wasn’t anything we couldn’t place in such a way to hide that crack.
A few tiles later and I caused an even bigger crack in a tile – during the negotiation of removal – eek! So, there was a whole bunch of teasing on both sides! I told her that I only did that so she wouldn’t feel bad about her crack… know, like that.
Then even later one of the tiles that I removed almost effortlessly totally slipped out of my hands and dove for the floor! Yikes! Yep, there was a corner chipped off a bit. Even more teasing from Leah at my expense – hahaha!
It was getting trickier to hide our mistakes by putting tiles in darker areas.

And each time one of us had such an oops, we’d laugh about it (after I apologized for mine!) and then Leah would say, “yes, and we’re still talking!”

Finally, we got the whole ceiling done, and she felt SO relieved that the job was finally done and all those dead bugs and some mouse poop had been cleaned away.

Afterwards, Leah made us some egg salad sandwiches, and I made us a pot of tea…..and we sat down in the comfy big-arm chairs in the living room to enjoy our well-deserved lunch!

And even more chatting ensued……

I will be at her house again this week, as we plan to tackle her walk-in pantry for cleaning and re-organizing.

Bound to be more laughing and hugs and…..oh yeah, she promised some more egg salad sandwiches!



4 thoughts on “The Ceiling Tiles Hijinks!

    1. It definitely was a keeper! Hahaha! I went back yesterday – as I wrote – to see her again about cleaning out her walk-in pantry closet. And we started out with our cup of tea, as always. It was then she told me how much she had enjoyed my visit; she had loved it so much. It had boosted her up so much. She had been crying BEFORE I showed up that Monday – she still often bursts into tears when she’s thinking of her hubby – then she went with the flow of our visit and loved every moment of it. Then when I had left again, she said that she had cried again, because she had been so happy and it had meant so much to her.

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