My Foodie Inspiration!


A base of green leaves;

Chicken salad mound amid

A circling of eggs.


Okay, so it isn’t my FIRST foodie inspiration.  I love to cook, and every so often I try something new.

In this case, my foodie inspiration came as a result of me finally getting to watch “Julie & Julia” yesterday evening.  A few days ago when I was at a local gas station, I was standing in line to pay and noticed a rack of previously-viewed DVDs.  In amongst the lot was “Julie & Julia,” and the price was good, so I snapped it up with great anticipation of watching it at home.

I had heard that the movie was good, but no more detail than that.  So, it was a completely fresh experience.  Interestingly, there was a good deal about blogging…..and as expected, there was plenty of food in it, too!  As I watched, not only did it give me the idea to look up Julia Child’s book but also the book written by the other main character, Julie Powell, upon which the movie is also based.  Book searching to transpire in the next few weeks, I’m thinking.

However!  When I found myself in the kitchen today, looking for a supper idea on the leftover chicken I had, I put myself in Julie/Julia mode and thought about how I could transform the chicken into a pretty little salad….with presentation!

And eventually the idea took shape in my mind….and then on the plates.  It was just enough for my two sons and myself, and I served up the salad with a buttered slice of fresh rye bread (cut in half).  Haha!  Simple and tasty.  I loved the surprised looks on my sons’ faces….and, later on, their positive reviews of this meal!




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