The Reflection Perspective

Oh, what would it be like if there weren’t reflective surfaces in our world?

Our world would still be beautiful and fascinating, except it would be missing that one extra perspective that allows us to see things we are familiar with in a whole new way.

Yay for the mirrors of many sizes and shapes, designed for many uses!  Yay for calm waters in lakes and ponds and rivers that create a view that is regular and upside-down irregular all at the same time, thereby creating wondrous symmetical illusions!  Yay for the tall buildings with reflecting glass windows, so that instead of just seeing rows and rows of windows, we can glimpse at flipped versions of tall buildings nearby!

Earlier today I submitted a photography assignment that included these three photos, and the theme was reflections.  I picked them for having  different reflecting components.  All of them allow us to see a daily thing with a creative twist.

The first one is the side mirror on my car, which generally is used to see traffic behind me while driving or passing.  Here, I used it to show the OTHER side of a road near my home…..opposite to the direction I was headed.  And it’s inverted as well.




In this second one I had the help of the small Mississippi River that runs through the town of Almonte, Ontario, and was particularly calm on this early morning in July.  Such water mirrors transform what we are able to see everyday, but adding intrigue and extra beauty to the shoreline  symmetry in them.



Late last summer I had the opportunity for a brief one-day stay in Vancouver, B.C., and took a Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus that drove all through the city.  Wonderful sights of the harbour and city park and stores and streets and museums abounded.   Variations in architecture, too.  And there were several buildings with reflective window glass.  This one shows almost a whole other building in its window reflection.





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