First Snowshoe Walkabout this Winter

It was one of those beautiful, dreamy, mild winter days, where the outdoors simply calls to you.  We heeded the call, but since there had been a good, deep snowfall for the past two days – and the snow was still light and fluffy – we felt that snowshoes were the way to go.

My daughter had dropped in on her way through; she was headed back to her place.  But first, as we couldn’t resist such an opportunity, my husband, daughter, and I strapped on our snowshoes and headed into our woods behind the house.

I took a picture of my snowshoes – haha!  And then the mini snowfalls that are created whenever someone pulls down on a branch.  There was some “climbing” here and there……over tree stumps and up the hill back to the house.

And here are the three of us (Sonja, our daughter, on the far right) – feeling great after some fresh air, some fun exercise, walking through the woods, looking for animal tracks and not finding any…..haha!  And check out those rosy cheeks!



13 thoughts on “First Snowshoe Walkabout this Winter

    1. Thank you. And that must be hard sometimes….when you’d really like a change from the rain. A guest at a catering I was working today, who had come all the way from the UK, told me as well that there was a lot of rain there. In spite of the fact that it was colder here for her and it’d be around 10 Celsius over there, she was enjoying seeing the snow everywhere. 🙂

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  1. What beautiful photos of snow-filled adventures with your fam! :O I’m envious, not about the rosy cheeks (I have those), but about the snow. I guess it’ll come in these parts in another week or two. 😦

    Have fun in the snow!

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    1. Hahaha! Isn’t it always the case…..those who don’t have the snow would SO MUCH like to have it. And what do I hear most around here, where we DO have the snow? “Oh, how long till it melts. I wish there wasn’t any. it was nicer when it was mild outside….” etc.

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