Us Funny Poor People

I am sharing this post, because I like his perspective. Parts of it I have observed, such as the mopeyness in the people who you would think would be happy about seeing so much food and, on top of that, food coming from other parts of the world. We are so lucky to have that abundance. The other part he wrote about – the rich people versus the poor people grocery shopping – I hadn’t thought of before; it’s always fun to stretch the mind in new ways.

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Next time you’re in a grocery store, pay attention to how sad everyone looks. It’s actually pretty funny. You might see maybe three smiles the whole time you’re in there, and one of them will probably be a semi-forced one from the cashier. I bet you that rich people grocery stores aren’t like that. I know the really rich people just get poorer people to do their groceries for them, but bear with me. I bet they’re laughing themselves silly. Like one person just picks up a plum and says, “This plum was imported from Uruguay, but it was sent to France to be packaged,” and they all start laughing. Like they can’t even stop. They take much longer than they planned because they start thinking about all the sad people in poor grocery stores and they laugh even more. Because it is pretty funny. Look at all the mopey…

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