Share the laughter; make someone’s day!

One of the many things I enjoy about social media is the opportunity to discover and then share funny stories or short funny video clips….especially when it’s creative, original, and all around good.

It feels great to hear someone say that something I posted had them laughing after they got up in the morning, or else made their day, or perhaps was  just something they needed to relax a bit.  And equally as good is when a friend shares something with me that has me giggling or laughing.

And so in the midst of the every day, I look for the funnier side of life.

For your enjoyment today, I have selected a particularly cute little clip.  Some of you may already be familiar with the animated cartoonist’s work who creates delightful experiences regarding Simon’s cat, that are amusingly drawn and certainly accurately reflect the quirks of living with a cat.  And for some of you this may be a first time.  I hope you will have a look at this clip.   You are forewarned that watching one clip about Simon’s cat most likely will have you looking at another and another….hahaha!

A friend shared this clip with me yesterday, and it definitely resonated strongly with me as there is a cat in our house that just LOVES playing in boxes – and I have previously posted about her adventures with the kleenex box.  During this Christmas time, there were a few boxes of various sizes popping up and laying about, and so she was having a heyday diving into first this one and then that one!  Aside from rearranging the tree decorations, these boxes also kept her endlessly amused.

So here… Simon’s Cat….


8 thoughts on “Share the laughter; make someone’s day!

    1. Haha! Yes. All of our cats have loved to play in boxes. In fact, a friend posted on facebook about even the big cats enjoying being in boxes! Must have been done at a zoo, and sure enough the tiger and the lion and the leopard all investigating the box and then lying in them (a sequence of photos). Mind you, those were probably large appliance boxes….but still. It runs in the genes. 🙂

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      1. Ahhh…..nice. Tabbies are such beautifully marked cats. What was your cat’s name? Well, it wasn’t until I was living on my own in my early 20s that I finally got my first cat, and then there’s been one (or two) since then in my home. I love them. Their affection, their intelligence, their comraderie, their ability to show their contentment, their sense of dignity (haha! Especially if they seem to have looked less spectacularly cool for a bit…), and their endless sense of fun and play. 🙂

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      2. Tammy was a ginger Tabby, half way between Simons Cat and Garfield, Rainbow was a tortoiseshell who was super intelligent evil genius. 🙂

        Anecdote : My aunt Mary was a horrible woman who hated animals, especially cats and dogs, who was disliked by the whole family. Rainbow was an evil female cat who only ever sat on me or my dad’s lap. No where else. When Mary came over she would sit on the arm of whatever chair Mary sat on and swish her tail indifferent to Mary’s hate of cats. She would keep going to Mary unless we put her out of the room. I was a bit young then, but vaguely remember the adults having sweepstakes in the kitchen on how long until Mary would ask for the cat to be removed from the room 🙂

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