A Festive Thought


Here’s a tiny glimpse of the upper part of our Christmas tree.  After many years of using a fake tree, this year we decided to have a real one again….a tiny fir.  And the boys put on the lights and ornamental balls.  As you can see, things look a bit clustered up with balls, as opposed to more spaced out, because, well…… our cat, Hemingway, ALSO got into “decorating.”  More like undecorating!  Hahaha!  Any balls she could snag in the lower branches, she would deftly remove and then bat around with on the floor.  So, then that’s how those balls were “saved” and then replaced higher up on the tree.  No matter, it still looked sparkly and pretty!

And I’m sharing a festive thought with you, my wordpress friends, in the spirit of however you celebrate this time of year.

My Christmas haiku to you:

Merry Christmas to

You….I wish you Happiness

Enveloped in Love.




6 thoughts on “A Festive Thought

    1. Exactly! Haha! Actually, our Hemingway really loves to bat around little balls – we have given her ping pong balls which are her absolute favourite; she puts on quite the speed and reflex action when she’s chasing and batting those around! So….it is my impression that she feels there are just so many “ping pong” balls on that tree and that they are all toys just for her! She indeed understands the spirit of Christmas…..hahaha!

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