Where have I been?


A December day

Grey sky and wet roads – NO snow!

Nature is confused?


Hello Friends!

I feel out of synch with the rhythm and flow that was my writing here.

As I wrote in my last post, it started with getting sick, which progressed to the period of recovering.  And that ended up being dragged out somewhat due to the tenacity of the cold virus, as well as only allowing myself two days of rest and pushing myself back on to my part-time jobs….especially when I depend on the income.

Let’s just say that things got really busy from then on, and I was mostly only able to do catch-up of essentials in the various communications.  Wordpress was on my to-do-list but only once came this close to a new post (I got the photos uploaded).

As Christmas approaches, the baton of busy work is being passed along, so I’m thinking…..”grab this time to get a foothold back into the blogosphere.”

Note:  The photo  is from a recent day.  As I was heading to a job, I was struck not only with the lack of snow that normally would have been covering everything by now – and we do have periodic non-snowy Decembers – but I particularly noticed the left and right running “carpets of red, dried conifer needles” skirting the road.  Our generous snowfalls tend to cover up these fall sights.  Happily, this time I got to see it.






I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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