I croon for crèpes!


A cloud of whipped cream;

Bundled gently, warm…..Inhale

Berry Maple Crèpe



Yummi-licious!! My Berry Maple dessert crèpe today!

That followed after this scrumptious savoury dish…..


Butternut Squash ‘n Pear Soup with Crème Fraiche and  chopped Walnuts alongside a Roasted Vegetable Crèpe.  Mmmm!

These days it seems that every time I get together with a girlfriend, we end up here!   For fun, good dining, animated conversations, connecting….

  • at Mill Street Crèpe Company, Almonte, Ontario


12 thoughts on “I croon for crèpes!

  1. First off, welcome to WordPress! Second, I love your blog’s title, which evokes the visual and linguistic beauty of the Robert Frost poem.

    I love crepes — both savory and sweet ones — and I always sample them at no fewer than five creperies when visiting Quebec province. Soon I will trek up to Ontario province — but not without reconnecting with my haunts in Montreal and Quebec City — so I’ll check out the establishments that you’ve recommended in this delightful post. I adore butternut squash bisque and am approaching a fetishistic level of worshipping pears (love that scent in my bathwater); thus a combination of the two might amount to une orgasm gastronomique pour moi. I’ll ask to be seated at a sturdy rear corner table.

    I’m looking forward to viewing more of your photographic (and culinary) poetry!

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    1. Thank you for the enthusiastic welcome, Chantale! 🙂 And yes, I picked the title, because it’s part of a favourite descriptive passage in a Robert Frost poem (I like how you picked up on that!). For sure, there are several excellent places in the province of Quebec to indulge in your love and passion for crèpes (oh, and share those with me, please, for when I happen to take a trip to that neighbouring province). Still, it IS good to know that Ontario has a few select places to entice your crèpe-appreciating palate…..for your next trips in this direction.


  2. Reblogged this on Negrotica and commented:
    Ahhh … c’est si bon. I couldn’t resist reblogging DreamyMichaela’s “I Croon for Crepes!” here on Negrotica. A crepe is a succulent pocket of eroticism, and I long for the dribbles of cheese or maple syrup or both.

    Here in my gentrified faux Greenwich Village, the sous chefs at bankrupting restis simply don’t prepare them authentically. I want my crepes to personify the protagonista in an Almodovar tragicomedy. ¿Como? Si, I wish to hear my crepe declare, after I’ve forked it reeeaaal good: “Soy autentica.” Entonces …

    It’s encouraging to know, now that I’ve masturbated to — errr, read “I Croon for Crepes!” that right across the border, in Ontario province, I can sample crepes which give the ones in Quebec province a run for the loonie. Hey, I love Canada, so I jest avec amour.

    Let me not tease you Negrotica devotees any further– lest you label me dominant. Whupeesh! Now that you’re moaning for your spongy pancake, remove the handcuffs and partake of the wonderful prose and photography — really cool food art — in the following offering found on the blog The Path Less Travelled By. Gotta love those British spellings used in Canada, eh?

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