Unclaimed beauty



Wedding Centrepiece;

Clusters of hydrangea blooms,

Sweet-smelling roses.



At last week’s catering, there were some unclaimed floral centrepieces.  Some of the guests remembered to take theirs, and some were left behind.

They looked beautiful in square glass vases at the centre of each dining table.

I was offered an unclaimed bouquet to take home as a present…..but without the glass vase. The vases belong to the restaurant.  I found a new, clear plastic bag that was big enough to hold a bouquet gently in its folds without squeezing a petal.

When I arrived back home, I pulled out the bouquet from the plastic bag and found a suitable glass vase for it.  Filled almost to the top with fresh water, I placed the bouquet in the formation it seemed to want to stay.  Monochromatic beauty.  White hydrangeas with five good-sized, cream-coloured, gently sweet-scented roses tucked in as well.

Inhaled deeply and slowly.  Ahhhh…….the whisper of a joyful wedding wish.




6 thoughts on “Unclaimed beauty

  1. So beautiful, this haiku. Because, not despite of, the flowers’ gorgeousness, my mind (for sone reason) evoked the sadness of a bride left at the altar. Oh yeah, I nearly was; the groom was just shy of two hours late.

    Wait, I’ve got it: White flowers (in the Western Hemisphere, anyway) can signify death or at least mourning.

    Interpreting a poem is always subjective. I hope that one day, when I’m too old to weep from the memory of that civil ceremony and the pitiful honeymoon (sourmoon) which followed, I’ll perceive only sweetness and magnificence in “Unclaimed Beauty.”

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    1. Well, I suppose we carry certain memories in such a way that something can trigger them more vividly back to our mind’s forefront….perhaps sometimes as a lesson still needing attention? The memory for you that awoke when you read my poem must be one that runs deep into your heart and left you so vulnerable. It takes courage to share your hurt and reveal your vulnerability in your writing to me. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your heart, Chantale. And I sincerely hope that the time will come when you can feel that sweetness and magnicence. Hugs.


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