Two of my sons are active with blogging on wordpress; the second one just started recently, and it was his latest post that I just read. Witty and fun, flowingly written. I decided to share his light-heartedness. 🙂

A blog with some substance but probably not a lot

I like things. I like a lot of things. I like people. I like when people like the things I like, although sometimes it makes me like those things a little less because then I start to wonder why it is so liked. That’s not really fair to the things. There are people who don’t like things, and those people can seem unlikable, but I try to find some likeness of them that I have, and usually I start to see we’re more alike than I thought. I like people so much that I dislike it when they’re unlikely to like something for reasons that seem nonsensical. I guess the likelihood of all of us liking the same things and the same people would likely be a science fiction story that probably wouldn’t be a utopia.

I like that thing!

Really? I’m proud of you. You just got some points…

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