A Bag Works, too!


See the empty bag?

Whoosh!  Splonch!  It’s empty no more!

She just CAN’T resist.



If it isn’t a box, well then it’s a paper bag…..that traps cats.

Works like a charm.

Every time.

“That enclosed feeling like a box….and bonus!  My two-leggeds can carry me around with those handles, while I settle in…..” 🙂


11 thoughts on “A Bag Works, too!

  1. Yes! Mine also makes himself comfortable in handbags! It’s a bizarre thing considering what he’s like whenever we need to put him in a cat cage (meaning vet visits etc … )

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    1. Ahhh…..but they are highly intelligent and learn to associate the cat carrier with vet visits …..and pokes and prods and needles….. 🙂 Boxes and bags are of their own choosing…..not us coaxing them into them. They KNOW the difference. Hahaha!

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  2. Awww now, whooo’s the pretty kitty? What an adorable cat! Mine seems to think she can squeeze her size 22w figure into a size 8 box.

    I dig this haiku! The interjections transform the reader, making her/him grow whiskers and a tail upon the end of each reading. Rrreeerrr!

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