It’s a Minestrone Kind of Day


Yummy minestrone!
Improvised on the cheese, as I didn’t have parmesan. Nicely melted. Havarti actually tastes quite nice.
I think I didn’t gauge the pasta amount just right, because all those pretty little stars absorbed most of the brothy liquid….so it’s looking less soupy. Hahaha!
AND, when I was adding the dried basil leaves, my bag flopped a bit, and way more basil landed in my pot than I planned! WAY MORE!
I thought, oh no! How is that going to affect it?
Really, can one have TOO much basil?
All I know is that the soup IS tasty! The boys agree.
So, all in all, still a successful batch.
Soup is forgiving that way.
Personally, I think it was the mandatory bay leaf that pulled it all together…. 🙂

Oh yeah, I also added a light sprinkling of cayenne, because my boys prefer a little spicyness.



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