Hemingway……and Blask


Are you scratching your head yet?

Hmmm….so what does Hemingway have to do with Blask?

Nothing.  Although I’m sure the REAL Hemingway was quite familiar with drinking out of a wine flask.

I really wanted to talk about my new theme, Blask, but there wouldn’t have been a picture for my post, so I looked through recent photos of our cat, Hemingway, to add in and jazz it up a bit, haha! – you have already seen a few Hemingway pics….when she was hiding in the beer case and the kleenex box.

Now, as for the theme bit,  it all happened rather spontaneously two days ago.  My older son has been working on his own blogging page for almost a year, and then once I worked at it more regularly, we would talk about some of the cool people we were meeting and exchanging conversations with, and whose photos we’d get to see from around the world, etc.  And I could tell from his facial expression that my middle son was interested. Finally, two days ago, he decided to take that step and enter the world of wordpress.

I was sitting at my laptop at the same table, working away, but also close by in case he had any questions.  At the point where the theme choices came up, he was scrolling through them, and so, together, he and I picked out a couple to see how they would look for his page.  Meanwhile, the thoughts returned to my head about wanting to switch up my theme.  I’ve enjoyed the one I had been using – it was a big improvement over the very first one I had picked, and I was quite happy with it.  However, as I’m sure you know, you go visiting other blogger pages, and there are features that appeal to you.  So, I thought while my son was looking for his theme, I’d have some fun, too.  And so, I came across Blask.  And after sampling some type face (font) choices and background colours, etc, I was won over by the new layout and then switched and saved.

Keeping things fresh, right?  And there are more features on Blask for me to explore…..like creating a portfolio!  That part caught my eye, too, so that’s something I will be exploring in future.

So, in case you have dropped by recently for a visit and wondered at the big change in my page……now you know why.

And for new viewers to my page, I say, “welcome!”  And I hope you enjoy your visit.  🙂

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