The Corn Harvester


On a recent post I wrote about the farm vehicles I saw during my walk, and it was the corn harvester that had fascinated me the most, and I ended up taking several photos of it.  Enough of them really that I decided to write up this separate post.

As I was walking along the road, the view in this first photo is what caught my eye.  I could see that the outer ring of the cornfield had been recently cut down and I wondered about it, because I couldn’t see any farm machine to explain that.

But then as I walked along some more, I could finally see that “missing” machine coming around the far corner!  Aha!  There it was….the corn harvester!  Cutting down rows of corn plants and retrieving only the seeds.

032 035

And then you can see how it moves along close to the tall wagon standing off to the right…….as well as where the harvester starts pouring the corn seed from that long metal tube into that tall collector wagon.

037 039 041

A lot of seed comes out of that metal tube!

045 048 052 056

After the corn harvester has emptied that load of seed into the collector wagon, it continues on its way to process another swathe of corn plants and repeat the whole thing again.

057 061


I’m just adding in some close-ups of the side view of the collector wagon, and by the looks of the visible corn seed level, I’d say it’s reaching its maximum holding capacity.

064 068 069

At the other end of this corn field, you can see again the path that the corn harvester had taken…..starting from the outside, and it will most likely continue working its way towards the centre.



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