Majestic Southern Alps


Standing strong and….HUGE!

Easily they touch the sky,

Guarding all the land.


Yesterday I was looking through some older photos for my weekly photography assignment, and it was fun indulging in some memories that popped into mind from a trip in 2010 to New Zealand.  Canada is my first love; my homeland.  And New Zealand runs a really close second place!

I still have some organizing to do with all the photos I took during that trip – moving things around on my computer – but I expect that I will share some more in the near future.

For today I picked these two photos, taken on a TranzContinental train trip that starts in Christchurch and goes through Arthur’s Pass to Greymouth and back….and it offers oodles of opportunities to take photos of the Southern Alps along the route.

There were ample breath-taking and spectacular views of these Southern Alps.  In these photos you can get a sense of perspective on the incredible height of these mountains, for example, in comparison to the trees in the foreground…..and those are NOT small trees!  There are pretty clouds floating in the sky and some cheeky ones that floated down a bit lower in front of those picturesque mountains.

It was a beautiful and cool, wintry day, when we rode on the train.  There was an open-air car at one end of the train for people who wanted to have a freer look at the surrounding countryside – not through the usual glass windows – and, of course, the air smelled wonderfully fresh out there!


6 thoughts on “Majestic Southern Alps

  1. wonderful choice of photo’s I love mountains.. I visited Canada for a trip of a life time in the year 2000 on our 25th Wedding Anniversary. 🙂 You have a beautiful country.. we went coast to coast.. Landed in Toronto, spent 3 nights at Niagara Falls,and Lots of places along the way, then flew to Vancouver and had a magnificent Helicopter ride over the Rockies, Loved Banff and Jasper.. and flew back from Calvary.. 🙂

    Those photo’s often come out 🙂 too ..

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    1. Thank you, Sue! Yes, it’s hard not to fall in love with mountains. Thank you for telling me about your trip to Canada – how exciting and fun for you! And extra memorable because of the wedding anniversary occasion. And I’m glad you found much that was beautiful here. You covered a lot of places. You said “coast to coast” but you didn’t mention any parts of the east coast? Too long to list maybe? 🙂 Glad you saw Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Calgary. And I’m sure your helicopter ride over the Rockies was breath-taking and amazing! I look forward to seeing some of your Canada photos sometime. Hugs to you, Sue. 🙂

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      1. 🙂 It was amazing, And yes there were lots of little places, Like HOPE and others.. Quebec, We went over the Lions Gate Bridge. Victory Island too.. You have a beautiful country…. Montreal too .. Lots of places.. in 3 weeks.. May to June.. 🙂 and Loved each and every place we saw..

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