That First Snowfall

Even though I know to expect snow at some point in the late fall, I always wonder when that first surprise snowfall will occur.  Most often it shows up in early November, but on occasion it swooshes in sometime in October.

That’s what it did this year.  Three weeks ago.  On the Sunday of the weekend where I took part in a scouting and guiding event located in a picturesque place approximately one hour southwest from my home.  The Saturday had been sunny and warm, although that same night it turned quite cold.  When I went for my early-morning-and-still-dark quick trip to the outhouse (port-a-potty) and was climbing out of the tent – where my snuggly warm sleeping bag had reluctantly let me go – I could feel the layer of frost on the outside of the tent as well as on the ground.  And that frost stayed on the ground until well into the morning.  Until the sun came out and warmed things up enough for us to dry out our then empty and inverted tents to pack them all up for the trip back home.

And just as we were putting the last bits into our vehicles, the snow came.  And it came heavily.  Would it stay a while, I wondered?

500 503

In the last 20 minutes of our drive, all of a sudden the sky cleared up again, the sun came out, and there was no more snow to be seen anywhere!  Just ever so many lovely coloured leaves that had fallen down from the windy Saturday.  And those leaves danced merrily, as the van in front of us (pulling the trailer) created a whoosh of wind as it zoomed along…..


However, as we stopped in town to drop off the trailer, I noticed some snowy remnants on the outdoor displays of our local grocery store.  So, there was still some evidence left of that earlier snowfall.


Upon arriving back home soon after that, I walked around a bit.  To admire the beautiful orangey-red-yellow leaf carpet.  The last big load of leaves, that had still clung to the trees two days prior, had all since fallen to the ground.

528 530

So what about that snow?

What snow?  There was snow?

(We had only been an hour away.  What a difference!)

Hahaha!  Happily, that first snowfall never lasts for too long, nor does the snow get a chance to settle on the ground.

8 thoughts on “That First Snowfall

  1. Fabulous photo’s and While I love snow to look through the window at.. I so disliked having to travel in it.. For as a support worker I couldn’t just say I cant make it.. You had to make it.. 🙂

    Enjoy your November Michaela

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    1. True. When you are expected to help, you can’t really not go. However, I will add that having the proper warm clothing and using snow tires for the car make a BIG difference in dealing with the winter. As Canadians, so many of us learn the important value of having good snow tires throughout the winter season; it makes an incredible difference to dealing with our snowy and icy conditions. And thank you, Sue. I am. November has its own charms. 🙂

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