Busy Farm Vehicle Day!

On my walk on Thursday (two days ago), it was one of our last warmer autumn days – it felt more like September than November! – and I was curious what I would see this time.  I didn’t anticipate seeing all the various farm vehicles out and about.  On some days, I might see one tractor in a field.  But this day started right away with a tractor pulling hay bales up the road and turning down onto the road where I live.

015 018

Then further up in a cornfield, where the cornstalks had still been standing until the plants had all dried up – that corn would be used for feed, I’m thinking – I was able to watch a corn harvester at work.  I took a whole bunch of sequential photos just on that one, so I’ve decided to only put one in this post and dedicate the next post solely to the corn harvester.


And on my return portion of my walk, another tractor was headed my way…..this time on the road.  And you can actually see a bit of the driver looking out in the first picture and turning his head to look back in the next one.  🙂

127 129 131

I think he was pulling the baler behind him…the kind that makes those nice circular hay bales, like you can see in the last two photos.  Those round bales always look so pretty in a big field under the big blue sky filled with a mix of clouds.

134 138


5 thoughts on “Busy Farm Vehicle Day!

    1. Yes, exactly. It was a nice warm spell while it lasted, and the cold temperatures are moving in again. And now that you mention it, I have noticed on some bushes there being a higher amount of berries left on them. But I hadn’t made that final connection to the forecasting of our winter. Good to know.

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