Coincidence….AND Six Degrees of Separation


The weather this week has been glorious!  It’s November, and instead of the usual cold setting in, this week’s temperatures have been reminiscent of our September ones!  Everyone I have been talking to has been enjoying this unique warm interlude.

Which brings me to the new someone I met today – and we ALSO talked about the amazing warm weather streak.  Well, this is where the coincidence part comes in, because the warm weather inspired both of us to go outside… for my hour-long walk up my country road, and she for her hour-long bike ride where part of her route is along the same country road.

Timing is everything sometimes!

I was on my return leg of the walk and happened to notice something white huddled in front of the fence on the one side of the road.  I was puzzled, because I hadn’t noticed it earlier when I walked by.  As I got closer, the white huddle turned into a human form that stretched back to a standing position.  She had noticed me coming along, and so we each said hi.

Next surprising aspect is that we were new to each other; this was our first encounter.  But as people sometimes will do if they meet along a bike path or walkway, we started talking…..about what we’re doing, about the fine weather, etc.  so, she told me that she’d been taking a photo of something that had caught her eye, and she showed it to me.  She had wanted to capture the sunset’s golden rays as they danced off of a particular plant.  It looked good.

And THEN we introduced ourselves!  Hahaha!  Christine and Michaela.  Christine looked at me a bit more closely and said that she thought I looked familiar somehow and wondered from where.  I didn’t recognize her.  Eventually, we pieced it together.  Via facebook and a mutual friend.  In the listing off of potential mutual friends who lived in town some 10 km away, we quickly found our mutual one.  And things started clicking into place!  Christine and I decided we TOO would connect on facebook once we returned to our homes, and it was then that I noticed another mutual friend…..intriguing, I might add, because I had only JUST met this person last week!

This is when I marvel at the perfect timing……you know, having met Louise (the other mutual friend) the week before, and then the happenstance encounter on the country road (we could have missed each other so easily if either one of us had decided to go earlier as we often did).  And the other two people we knew….that’s where the six degrees of separation comes in.

Life is just SO cool!  I started for my walk, thinking “what kind of nifty things would I see and what kinds of surprises might be in store?”  And even before I met Christine, I had already been enthralled with all sorts of other discoveries on my walk of which I took plenty of photos!

But that’s coming up in a future blog post.  I promise.

(In the photo above, Christine gave me a final wave from her bike as she headed back for her home.)


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