The Cat Kleenex


Beware when you reach for a kleenex,

as you may find something you weren’t expecting!

Soft, yes…..but then all that fur!

I guess no box is too small or odd-shaped for cat explorations…..


Hey….there’s a tiny window in here…..


Funny-looking?  Me?

Umm…..okay, so how do I get out of this thing?

Getting in was easy!

Aha!  I think I have an idea…..those hind legs sure do come in handy!


One more pull…..AND……


….free again!

Clearly, she wasn’t feeling distressed, because as soon as I tossed over the empty kleenex box…..


….she dove right back into it.  Hahaha!


12 thoughts on “The Cat Kleenex

    1. Thank you, Sue! 🙂 And yes, I love cats. They are GOOD communicators, when they want your attention…..haha! They know how to push certain buttons. And their playfulness provides endless amusement in watching them and participating with them. Boxes and newspapers especially!

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