Poetry from My Walks


Dry is the cornfield;

Tall and Silent.  And in front

My shadow dances.


Early evening

Where the sun hangs in a tree –

See the flying geese?


A stately maple,

Standing tall and fully dressed,

In golden yellow.

125 (2)

A Surprised Squirrel

Stops…..we watch each other……Runs

Then comes the scolding!


Cabin by the woods,

Blends with every season’s hues,

Saying, “Come on in!”

156 (2)

As I head back home,

Flying high above….honking

“It’s time to migrate!”


9 thoughts on “Poetry from My Walks

    1. Thank you, Tiegan, for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you enjoy the haiku….and especially the last one! 🙂 I think I am like you in regard to the daily increased appreciation for haiku. I started out reading a few here and there and then decided to try writing them as well. And it’s something I continue to enjoy doing. 🙂

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      1. You will get used to my block catch ups.. I paid for that recently when I did a similar catch up.. I was thought by WP spam control to be a spammer so had a job trying to get out of ‘Jail’ lol.. but sorted it.. 🙂 and now I am a bit wary of leaving too many comments in succession.. but let a little time in between Thankfully all were ok.. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend x

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