Some Scenes from My Walk Yesterday

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I have been enjoying my walks along this country road throughout this summer and into the fall.  It has been an eye-opening experience for me to really see how much wondrous beauty I could find every day in this small area.  And it isn’t always big, smack-in-your-face, eye-popping beauty.  Much of it showed up in subtle ways.  Almost as if it would just whisper to me, “look here, oh, and over there!  What do you see?”  I found beauty in the different trees, various wildflowers, occasional encounters with wildlife, and clouds in the sky that would set the mood from bright and cheerful to sombre and stormy…..with occasional sunsets mixed in.  I took hundreds of photos on these walks, because every day brought new treasures to light, and I just HAD to capture them on camera.

Funny, the silly notions we can have sometimes!  When I first thought about starting these walks and deciding to take a specific route – initially mostly for the distance I hoped to walk, as well as the time it would take – the thought crossed my mind about how long it would be before I would get bored of seeing what I then thought would be the same old scenery every day.  Little did I know…..just what kinds of surprises nature had in store for me!  And she was a wonderful teacher… always.

The top two pictures are of a farm machine – I believe it’s a combine?  But I could be wrong, as I’m not that familiar with farm machinery.  It was standing in the field, ready to go to work.  I saw it on the first part of my walk, and when I was returning, someone had climbed into it and put it to good use in that field.  You can see all dried up cornstalks on the neighbouring field, still standing tall….not having been turned under yet.

Then there was a field that had a late hay harvest – last one for this year – which must have fairly recently been baled and left to dry in the sun.

I took another picture of my favourite little cabin by some woods and down a winding trail….with that ever-present rain puddle halfway up.  That puddle never seemed to disappear.  And I can look back at photos taken from late spring onwards…..of how that cabin and its immediate surroundings slowly changed over the days and weeks.

And finally a fun-angled photo of the two roads at that intersection… of which leads up to my home.

I hope you enjoyed this short “walk” with me.


11 thoughts on “Some Scenes from My Walk Yesterday

    1. Yes, Richard, I agree. I didn’t realize just how much of a tonic it would be for my soul. It’s calming and peaceful, inspiring and cleansing……and always more “wow” moments. I’m glad you decided to tag along. Part of the fun is sharing the experience. Thank you for visiting. I have posted some other photos from earlier walks, if you are interested, Richard. 🙂

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    1. Yes, Kuku, that’s how it has evolved. Initially, I was just going for the walks for the quiet and to just look around at the scenery. My son started the walks a couple of weeks before I did, because we had discussed from something we had heard of the benefits of a simple daily walk with no specific purpose other than to just enjoy. Then he told me how much he was enjoying his walks, and he said, “Mom, I think you’d enjoy going for walks, too.” So, I started in early June of this year. After a week or so, he put some audio talks on my iPhone for if I wanted to listen to inspirational messages while I walked. So, I did that for a while, too. Then, it started happening. I’m a camera bug anyway…..haha! I have been taking photos ever since I was a teenager. But I wasn’t carrying my camera along on these walks. Just my iPhone, but it has a camera. So, things started catching my eye enough that I wanted to take pictures along my walks. Some days I would go walking and carry my REAL camera as well, as it does do better detailing and colours than the iPhone. However, the iPhone has served me well. 🙂
      Yes, Kuku….it’s been a discovery on many levels…..and the beneficial therapeutic effects being one of them.

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      1. Liking you very much my dear. While at University, I took photos of my colleagues as a business. I carry my camera everywhere….there’ll be a rainbow, a butterfly, a tree, etc. to capture. Glad to find you here and to share your passion. And, thanks yo your son for the encouragement.

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      2. The feeling is mutual, Kuku. 🙂 I am enjoying getting to know you, and I like you, too. Where did you go to University? And what did you study? Yes, we are quite similar when it comes to our cameras and what will catch our eye to capture. Yes, it IS so much fun to share one’s passion with others.


      1. Oh, even better! I was immediately liking Kuku, without knowing the meaning. it sounds so pretty! But now that I know the meaning, I like it even more. To have your name mean love….that’s the best, isn’t it, Kuku? 🙂

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