Another example of Diversity in Human Creativity

I love the incredible diversity in human creativity.  A friend of mine shared this video clip.

Just WOW!!!

Check out this performer! An unusual combination of wizard fast guitar playing AND didgeridoo! WAY COOL!
So catchy and lively – makes me want to dance! hahaha!


20 thoughts on “Another example of Diversity in Human Creativity

    1. Well, yes, there is something about that, too. I started a blog at one point at the beginning of this year….and then I didn’t do anything and then I focused on writing regularly, but I thought it was just continuing the first blog. Then at some point, people were saying they couldn’t find me, so I started yet another blog, but because I didn’t realize that using my name – even with a different blog title – would confuse things somehow, I have added even more difficulty. If I delete the second one, I am still left with some attached blog that tells people that that page doesn’t exist. I don’t know what to do.


      1. I have gone into my profile AND gravatar and added in just this dreamymichaela link. I have double checked, but perhaps there is still something somewhere messing it up? I could try again….


      2. go to users-personal settings. scroll down to account details. change the website and add the active one you use. it says there it is the website automatically linked when you make comments.

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      3. Thank you, Micah, for all your help. I will give this suggestion of yours a try now. I just went through my gravatar settings, and my e-mail is correct, and the website shows this one “The Path Less Travelled By.” So, therefore it must be somewhere in the settings as you pointed out.


      4. I think you are right, Micah!! Yay! I just followed your instructions and saw that under website in the account details, it was the very old, first website address. So, I just changed it to this one (which also matches the gravatar). Do you think you could click on it and see the difference for me?


      1. When I first tried to upload the gravatar, there was some kind of connection problem (internet?) and so I went back two and three times to get it sorted out. I thought I had it sorted out.


    2. Or should I once again start a new one with enough of a different variation on my name and a different e-mail, so wordpress doesn’t link me to the others?


  1. As my son has pointed out to me – he started blogging a few months before I did – he hasn’t ever encountered that problem with his. I guess I messed up, eh? 🙂


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