Depth of Field Photography Assignment

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For a few months now I have been a member of a photography group on facebook.  A friend told me about it and how this group has weekly assignments with a theme, suggested by the admins, and support and encourage submissions by their group members.  The largest part of the fun is seeing the diversity in creative ideas and submissions related to each theme.  So yes, naturally, I joined!

There’s no pressure to have to submit every week, particularly when some weeks can get busier in our lives.  There’s always the next week to look forward to and work on new submissions.

This week’s assignment was themed “Depth of Field,” with the added requirement that the objects in focus would also relate and be connected to the other objects (softly unfocused further away).  So last night just before I went to bed, I thought of ideas for possible photos I could take.  And then during the day, when I was able to set aside some time, I spent it in capturing those particular shots.

The four above are all the ones I submitted to the group and I’ve been enjoying reading some of the comments so far.  The deadlines are always Tuesday evenings, as on Wednesday morning the next theme gets posted on the page.  Some other group members had already been posting some of their photos, so I tried to pick things that wouldn’t duplicate those already posted.

  1.  When I was driving along country roads in the morning, the bright grey of the log fencing caught my eye, and later on I returned to that spot in order to spend some time taking photos from different angles.
  2. I have taken all kinds of fun photos of my little blue KIA car, and since she just recently reached 300,000 kms, I thought she’d like to be included in this week’s assignment.  Again….going for a different angle.
  3. I was inspired to include my drumkit in this assignment….somehow….and when I saw the cowbell, I just went from there.
  4. The chess game idea had also come to my mind…..visualizing even the solitary-looking black Queen against the “horde” of white pieces in the distance.  So, I assembled it on our dining table and with the aid of natural light coming in through the window, I tweaked here and there until I had what I wanted.

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