Ziplining Adventure!

So today I was digging through some archived photo albums to find the photos featuring the family’s excursion to the Laflèche Aerial and Adventure Park in Gatineau, Québec…….taken on Oct. 19, 2009!  Yes, it’s been a while.  But I hadn’t thought it was that long ago.  One of my blogging friends, Keerthy, had recently posted about her first experience with ziplining, and she and I had commented back and forth on the subject with her subsequently requesting to see some photos from my experience.

So here goes!  Have a peek……and I welcome comments about your own adventures in ziplining or any thoughts on the subject you’d like to share.

Jason gets harnessedSonja checks her harnessPlatforms between each aerial challengeonly three per platform

  1.  Jason gets harnessed
  2.  Sonja checks her harness
  3. Platforms between each aerial challenge
  4. Only three people per platform (for safety reasons)
climbing up to part 2 of the adventure trailJason re-attaching his carabiners to loops and linesMe looking upas we line up to climb
5.  Conrad climbing up to part 2 of the adventure trail
6.  Jason re-attaching his carabiners to loops and lines
7.  Me looking up
8.  As we line up to climb
on one of the aerial challengesJason on sliding skateboard challengemanoeuvering on one of the challengesone of the more wobbly challenges
9.  Stephen keeps his balance
10. Jason continues on the sliding skateboard challenge
11.  I am manoevering on one of the wobbly challenges
12. Kirby makes his way through another wobbly challenge
picturesque view from up highlooking down between my feet to see how far down the ground iswe're up fairly highextreme zip lines - longest and highest of the bunch!  One of those is even above the canopy of the trees!
13.  A picturesque view from up so high
14.  Looking down to see how far the ground is….
15.  Seeing the others on the platforms…, we are up so high!
16.  Coming up to the extreme ziplines
here comes Stephen!getting lifelines and pulley unhooked from the cable before calling out CLEAR for the next ziplinerthis zipline has a runway platform; need to take a run at itthe view from over her Sonja's shoulder before take-offand off she goes!I took this photo just before it was my turn to zip away!
17.  Stephen is coming in for a landing
18.  Getting lifelines and pulley unhooked from the cable before calling out “Clear!” to the next zipliner
19.  Sonja is standing on a runway platform; she will need to take a bit of a run at it
20.  Looking over Sonja’s shoulder at the view
21.  And away she goes!
22.  I took this picture just before it was my turn to zip away!
for these faster ziplines, it's important to apply brakeshere comes Stephennice and smooth landingSonja takes offwhat style, what grace, what daring!nice landing by Conrad
23.  For these faster ziplines it’s important to apply “hand” brakes
24.  Stephen is coming over on a long zipline
25.  Stephen makes a nice, smooth landing
26.  Sonja takes off
27.  Conrad is coming in!
28.  Another fine landing
Stephen zipping over the parking areaConrad is coming in!my two carabiners attached to thick cord - my life linesthe pulley device to cary me along all those snazzy ziplines!four hours later with a smile of accomplishment; successful completion of trail and ziplines
29.  Stephen sails over the parking lot on the last zipline
30.  Conrad is coming in fast!  Wahoo!
31.  My two carabiners attached to thick cord – my life lines!
32.  The pulley device to carry me along all those snazzy ziplines
33.  Four hours later with a huge smile of accomplishment; completion of the Aerial Trail and Ziplines!

5 thoughts on “Ziplining Adventure!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, Sue! 🙂 The safety observance is high at this place, and they give participants a briefing on how to properly use the equipment. So, if you attentively go through the steps – and it becomes more practiced quite fast – it isn’t as scary as it seems at first. In fact, the “fun” aspect kicks in rather fast, and it’s addictive! In a good way! 🙂

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      1. I guess you are right.. 🙂 I maybe need to put my adventure wings on 🙂 .. I did once upon a time cross a very high swing suspension wooden walkway bridge across a very deep cannon in Canada.. forget now what It was called.. It was when I was touring there.. ( I even got a certificate to show my bravery LOL ).. It was raining too so had umbrella in one hand.. 🙂 hehe…

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      2. It may have been one in B.C. There is a large suspension bridge not far from Vancouver, I think. I saw the brochure for it, when I was there in August (only for a day), and I hope to see it on a future visit. Was it the Capilano Suspension Bridge? As I haven’t seen that one, I’m not sure if it’s made of wood like the one you explored.

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