The Joy of Bathing….one happy bird!


I just found this clip via a friend on facebook, and it’s a fun video to watch – how can one watch a bird relishing its bath and NOT enjoy seeing that?

This is so sweet! I used to watch my canaries taking baths (with an attached bathing unit to their cage) many times and how they enjoyed it as much as this little one. My canaries were even quite tame, and yet I never thought to try having them bathe in my hands. If I had – oooohhh, what a thrill that would have been! 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Bathing….one happy bird!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Sue. It’s great that the birds are making good use of your bird bath. Mine didn’t seem to like the one I put out for them…..haha! However, it’s great fun to watch them bathe; they do it so joyfully and with great abandon and relishing the whole process.

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      1. It may just take the birds some time to get used to it being there.. they enjoy about a couple of inches and I am forever topping it up in Summer for drinking and bathing.. and refresh it regular as the Dust that comes off them is amazing. 🙂

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      2. Yes, true. When I was looking at what type of bird bath, I read that the flatter the “bowl,” the better, as the birds don’t want depth so much as enough room to splash around. Yes, that is something one wouldn’t expect….all that dust on them. So, understandably they want to refresh themselves as often as possible.

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