Back on the Road Again….


Unusual view;

Short things up close are taller

While tall things look small.


Why the title?

Firstly, I have been away from blogging, although not entirely by choice.  It became a necessity.  My laptop was not doing well, and so I decided to take it in to the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  Exactly.  Enough of this dilly-farting around.  Get to the meat of it finally.  Solve it.  Or fix to make it as good as possible again.  Trust me, I missed my blogging world.  And then there was the keeping up with daily e-mails and messages (that’s when the iPhone had to step in more….only for the messages though).  So, as you can imagine, I fell quite a bit behind on that part.  On the other hand, it did free me up to do other things, like tackling projects or tasks that had been…..well, you know, put off for that “other” day.  And then came the day when I could pick up my fixed computer…..oh, what a wonderful feeling!  And so I can re-connect again with my blogging friends.  Hello again!  I’m back.  And I can see that you all have been busy!

Secondly, I had a chance to go for my walk again after many days of not doing so.  And I tend to take photos of things along the way…..the sky, trees, animals/wildlife, flowers, fields, etc.  So, I had this notion to take some photos from a different angle – from really low – how does the road look from there?  For example, a chipmunk would see the road this way.  A pretty cool view!

Thirdly, I am inspired to think haiku lines again.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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