Of Grasshoppers and Spiders

047 (2)

So nimble-legged

Hopping here, there…..leaping high!

Landing calm and sure.

055 (2)

This web acrobat

Floating, repelling, spinning…

Trapping its dinner.


On my walk yesterday I was treated to several insect encounters – it was just that kind of a day!  🙂

A friendly grasshopper hopped on over into my path, and we checked each other out. I got close enough – yes, for photos! haha! – but also I could see his head tilt a bit, as if he was wondering about this HUGE creature near him!

In the butterfly category, I had my wish answered! I have been wanting to see more monarchs, as I am aware of environmental influences on their numbers along with the incredibly long migration routes they tackle every year. I got to see one briefly in the evening a few days ago, but I kept feeling there should be more.

So yesterday four of them fluttered alongside me, at different points along the route. One even “danced” with me! Took me for a twirly spin, as I followed it. Hahaha! None of them landed anywhere for a good photo op, but it felt great just to see them!

I have seen other “flutterbys” on my walks – yellow and white ones – but I REALLY wanted to see more monarchs.

Diverging from the insects to arachnids….an eight-legged spider that I found on the windowsill – I gently captured and took it outside. When I released it, it started climbing along some grasses, and it was in no hurry.


4 thoughts on “Of Grasshoppers and Spiders

  1. Wonderful that you en-counted some Monarch Butterflies they are lovely,..
    We have lots of little grasshoppers in the allotments.. And thousands of spiders.. I was apologising to them all yesterday as I pruned the Loganberries bushes down.. Which was a haven for many webs.. which I had to break..

    At least I didn’t get bitten this week 😉 xx

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Michaela…
    Hugs Sue

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    1. Your allotments are a thriving haven for little crawlies of all kinds. And I’m sure that your apologies to those spiders were accepted….and see, no bites! Good vibes. 🙂 Thank you, Sue. I had a marvellous, albeit BUSY, weekend. I always enjoy hearing about plant and animal life in your allotment garden. 🙂 Hugs to you, too, Sue. xoxo Michaela

      Liked by 1 person

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