A Little Zeppelin Humour….


I always enjoy coming across those unexpected discoveries, especially if they are creative, cute, funny….where someone has put some extra thought into it.

My husband and I were walking along a main street in the town of Perth, Ontario, on our way to an anniversary dinner, when we spotted this store, tucked in among various others.  One of my husband’s favourite songs – back in his DJing days – is the classic Led Zeppelin song to which this sign refers.  It’s also a BIG favourite of mine….spanning back from the days of attending dances where that song ALWAYS was the finishing last song of the night.

When my sons, in their teen years, “discovered” the collection of music by the band and enthusiastically embraced it by listening to it, playing to it, learning more in-depth about it, and sharing all that knowledge with me, I had the chance to expand my previously limited understanding of the band and their influential music.  I am glad for that added education from my kids.  We continue to be keen and enthusiastic fans of Jimmy, John, John Paul, and Robert.


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