Apfelkuchen – a Birthday Treat!

My son, Conrad, was out with his friends and siblings for a birthday dinner at one of his favourite restaurants on Sunday evening, and I promised him a special cake for our celebration the next day.

I decided on one that I hadn’t made in a long time.  An apple cake that my mother often made, when I was younger.

When he showed up on Monday evening, there it stood on the kitchen counter, all ready for digging in!  He, his brothers, and I each had a generous first slice.  Savoured every bite, and then came the “can I have another piece?” moment.  There was just enough to make four more smaller slices….and it was gone.  Hahaha!

Always puts a smile on my face, when food is enjoyed so much!


Picture 1 – Coming out of the oven;


Picture 2 – Sprinkling of powdered sugar;


Picture 3 – A slice of Apfelkuchen (apple cake), ready to eat!


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