Hello, Again!


Yes, it HAS been quite a few days, since I last posted.  Well, there was a combination of internet challenges and then computer-having-been-hacked-into challenges (which necessitated repairs)….and all of that before a fairly quickly planned out mini-holiday of 5 1/2 days up to western and northern Canada.  For the latter I took TONS of photos!  Haha!  And as always that can be culled to substantially less in final collection, but hey, I was like a little kid and took pictures of everything!  The airport, the baggage handlers, the runways, take-offs and landings, all the sights, all the food, where we stayed, any animals and flowers here and there….people, well, the world is just filled with fascinating things!  I always do that, because you just never know what kind of treasures you will see and capture along the way.

I hope you will join in and have fun, too!

P.S.  Oh yeah, it was time again for haircut and colour splash (hence, the photo).


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