The tiny hamlet of Chaffey’s Lock


My husband and I went for a wonderful scenic drive to Chaffey’s Lock on Sunday, where we were going to be visiting with some friends.  It was about a one and a half hour drive one way.  This was our first time there, and so it wasn’t long before I was snapping away some photos to remember this pretty spot and the beautiful weather that day (even though it DID cloud over later on and rain a bit).

We also went for a walk to go see the lock, as it’s part of a sequence of locks that make up the whole Rideau Waterway, from Kingston to Ottawa (in Ontario).  By the time we did that, it was too dark to get shots of the lock, so I think I will need to go drop by again some time…..for more pics and just to walk and sit and take in the view.  Maybe even go for a swim, as others were busy doing in certain spots.

Then, as I thought of posting this picture, I thought that perhaps it’d be fun to add scenery photos more often for you, my readers – as I often enjoy seeing places different from my home and travel spots.


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