What’s Going On???

Has this happened to you or another blogging friend?

I seem to have these glitches with wordpress happening.  My son, who also has a blog with wordpress is always surprised to hear of these incidents, as he never has any.

First, there’d be visitors who would tell me they couldn’t find me after a while.  So, I corrected my avatar, thinking that would help.  Not sure if it has.

Second, today I was on earlier and published a new post, and everything looked fine.  I just went on again now – several hours later – and my header image of the clouds was no longer there and was replaced by the original suggested image from wordpress!  What’s going on???  I NEVER initiated any kind of header change.  How does this just happen?  Perhaps security isn’t as solid as it’s supposed to be?  So, I switched back my header to the most current one and saved it again.

But I’m seriously wondering if I should just go with my new, second wordpress blogging page and drop this one…..although I hate the idea of losing all the posts on this one.

Whenever I ask for help from wordpress, I am given the suggestion to go to the forum.  But I don’t seem to get any answers.  So, I thought of asking you, my readers, for ideas and suggestions….or even if similar things have happened to you?

Thanks for listening.

And enjoy your day!


3 thoughts on “What’s Going On???

    1. Been asking the boys what they think as I offer up my possible reasons. We have called our internet server regarding an upgrade, and apparently our equipment is working, according to what they can see from their end. So….it seems that perhaps it’s just my computer getting old and slower; I have had it for over 5 years, and it’s been very good to me in that time. I have certainly put it through its paces and then some.


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