Solitary Daisy


I love this daisy. For one thing, it’s not in a cluster; it is doin’ its own thing. Hahaha! And timing was everything! When Stephen mowed the lawn last week, everything was trimmed to a nice low level. And then somehow this daisy plant must have decided to shoot its flower bud AFTER that, because all around it the grass and ground cover is still low. It basically stands out – about a foot tall – when you walk by. It stands so confidently and straight….by itself. So cool!

So I told myself I HAVE to take a photo of this solitary bloomer, which I did. But let me tell you, the process was INVOLVED. Hahaha! I wanted the photo to be just so….and by that I had a rough idea and I would know it when I saw it. The right lighting and the right detail in the middle. So, I went outside with my camera and snapped away. Uploaded and checked the results on the computer. Nah, not quite there. Went outside again. Did this a total of FIVE times! Hahaha! Conrad was starting to have a good chuckle over my persistence. But hey, I was working with manual and kept tweaking the shutter speed, the aperture, and the film speed….always getting close but not quite. Finally, I had an inspired idea….and it worked! The very last one! EUREKA! I am happy with it.  🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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