A Cure for Internet Disruption?


Well, yes, you may have noticed no blogging activity from my end for over a week.

All due to internet accessibility…..or rather, inaccessibility.

Going from living in town to back to the country brings with it, seemingly, some changes in service.  Something to do with line-of-view to the tower to get signal which, with such things as a good deal of rain and/or wind (been having more of that recently), causes the trees and the leaves’ movements to interfere.

Hmmm.. …..and then also all the people with whom we are sharing our internet service will affect it. The more people on at given times, the less consistent the internet strength…..and often we just lose it altogether for a while.

Then it’s easy to fall behind on things such as messages and e-mails and projects and writing……. Sigh.

BUT!  On the bright side, I have come up with one of several methods to deal with our internet disruptions.

One of them…..baking.

Yep.  Take a favourite recipe and add something new and fresh to it.  In this case, I added fresh, local strawberries to this cake.  Kept me occupied and away from the computer work – that was on hold again – and then the boys and I had something delicious to drown our internet sorrows with……haha!

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