Chicken Coop Construction


What’s one benefit for a girl when she hangs out with her girlfriend?

How about an opportunity to pull on some work gloves and help in the building of a chicken coop!

On two different weekends this spring, i drove up to my girlfriend’s off-the-grid house, located in some picturesque countryside, and we spent our time outdoors with hammers and nails, a cordless screw driver, an electric saw, a wheel barrow, various bits of lumber, and chicken wire, We were lucky to have sunshine and a breeze gently blowing for all those days, as we measured and re-measured, sawed and hammered, lifted and moved and adjusted……and ended up with two good-sized wooden chicken coops of different designs – one for a couple of laying hens and the other one for raising a half-dozen chicks.

And even though I was initially more of an assistant, I noticed that our teamwork evolved in such a way where my input, suggestions, and questions were welcomed, as well as often sought out.

We made a few mistakes – that’s natural, since this was our first such project – and there were several times, when we had a good laugh about something:  for example, one time in our “lifting-a-heavy-rock” scenario!  In the end my girlfriend and I surveyed the two fine-looking chicken coops……with big smiles on our faces.

What an immense feeling of joy and satisfaction in our achievement!


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